Brain Injury

Joseph Valtellini Talks To Joe Rogan About Using CBD Oil for Brain Injuries

Joseph Valtellini was on the Joe Rogan show talking about MMA and KickBoxing.  Joseph is a kick boxer and brought up how he uses CBD for brain injuries to help with healing and reducing pain and inflammation.  Joe talks about CBD, the non psycho-active compounds in cannabis.  If you don’t know, THC, also has healing properties, is the compounds that are psycho-active.  THC gives people the high feeling.

The Pharmaceutical companies will lose a lot of money over the amazing properties of the cannabis plant and they are behind keeping plants like this heavily regulated and illegal.

They talk about the different healing properties like how it helps reduce inflammation, pain, arthritis, and many other things.  Joe compares this to a non steroidal pain medication like Advil and what it does is reduce inflammation.  CBD oil is natural and healthy, unlike these medications.

Oxycontin for children approved


Joseph talked about all the medications he was taking to help with his back pain from an injury to his brain (concussion) that caused inflammation.  It was severe enough that he couldn’t even get out of bed.   The medications were messing with him and he was “tripping out” seeing things while in a constant high.  He wanted off the medications so his family did a lot of research and came up with the answer.

They got him CBD Oil.

By him using this oil, he eliminated all his medications.

How long did it take for him to get his results?  “Right away”.  His own words.

He said he works 3 full time jobs and still uses CBD oil to manage his headaches and pain.

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Joe Rogan continues to talk about hemp and the history and the propaganda around it that scares people away from the plant that started in the 1930s.  He mentions that hemp is as hard as oak but much lighter in weight.  It is illegal to even grow it in many states over nonsense information.

Before this, hemp was used a lot.  It was used as the paper for the constitution and canvas for the Mona Lisa.  All the fear around this plant family is simply propaganda that originated from 1 guy.


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