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I want to welcome you to HempRenegade, a resource for information about Hemp, CBD Oil, Cannabis, and Marijuana.  I hope you are here with an open mind to learn about this wonderful plant family and will put aside any negative beliefs you have.

You will learn about some amazing stories how the nature of Hemp and Marijuana has helped thousands or more people see relief in their health symptoms that limit or debilitate them.

I’m talking about people that had issues with acne seeing their face clear up.  People with severe arthritis have the stiffness and pain goes away so they can move again.  Even pets with severe health issues free to walk, run, and play.

People with severe pain that were chained to very strong and addictive pain meds see the pain disappear and live their lives normal again.

Children with Autism and ADHD, that doctors want them on medication, act calm and behavioral issues go away.

If you can receive this, we have been lied to about Hemp and Marijuana for a long time and now is the time we see the truth.  The pharmaceutical industry has profited way to long on destroying our health and now is time to fight for an amazing plant family that can help improve lives.

I understand there are some people that had issues with marijuana but this doesn’t mean it should be made illegal for everyone.

People have the right to use a plant with medicinal  and healing properties without someone else interfering.  A lot what we have learned about this plant comes from years of negative propaganda purposely spread around to make you fear and hate it.

I used to be against this plant labeled as a drug.  It was part of my conservative culture and strict religious upbringing.  I have rebelled against this for the sake of Life this plant family can bring.

I’m the HempRenegade.

More information to come.
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